Facial Feminization Surgery or FFS is a surgery that alters the structure of the face to give it a more feminine appearance. Typically facial feminization surgery involves changes to the forehead, brow bone, cheeks, chin and nose.

Over the coming weeks I will share with you my experience going through FFS, some tips and tricks, as well as a few things to consider before undergoing facial feminization surgery.

Doctors Specializing in FFS
Facial feminization surgery is a delicate branch of surgery that requires particular skills and practice to be done effectively. As with any transgender surgery, I strongly recommend that you consider the skill and reputation of a surgeon when choosing. You should not shop on price alone - the hassles of complication are not worth the few thousands dollars.

A few reputable surgeons are:
  • Dr. Mark Zukowski: I had my FFS done by Dr. Zukowski and I've been extremely pleased with the results. He uses newer techniques that preserve much of the sensation on the scalp while at the same time not requiring any metal implants.
  • Dr. Toby Meltzer: Dr. Meltzer specializes in many aspects of transgender surgery. He is most well known for SRS, but also performs FFS. The women I've spoken with have been happy with their results.
  • Dr. Doug Ousterhout: Dr. Ousterhout is a pioneer of FFS and  has performed many operations through the years as a surgeon. I have heard mixed reports from folks who had surgery by Dr. Ousterhout


  1. Hi;
    I had FFS done by Dr Z about 3 weeks ago. I am happy that the sensation in my face seems to be fully there. I'm looking forward to the swelling going down along my jawline.
    When did you have your FFS?

    1. I sent an email a few weeks ago to get some initial information about FFS from doctor Z. I haven't heard anything back yet, how long did it take for yourself to hear anything back from them.


    2. He's normally quite prompt, though he has been traveling recently. Perhaps give his office a call too?

    3. Wonderful Shelagh! Phew, the first few weeks are tough, I hope you heal quickly and continue with your massages :)

  2. I had my FFS & GRS with Dr Peter Raphael in Dallas & am a very happy girl!

  3. Just to give me an idea,can you give me your ballpark cost for Dr. Zukowski?

  4. I find it strange that you didn't mention Dr Speigel-- he's probably the most well-known